Welcome to the Barn!

This is the home of the Barn Quilt Committee of Buena Vista County. In the very near future, you will get to see many of our county's beautiful barn quilts, see maps of where to find them, and learn about how to get one for your own barn, or perhaps a smaller quilt for your garage, house, or garden.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the program, ask one of the following committee members, or email us at info@bvbarnquilts.com.

Photos of barn quilts around Buena Vista County

Interactive Map


Co – Chairpersons    
  Pat Baker 712-732-6124    
  Paula Balder 712-843-2044    
  Deb Williams 712-732-3622    
Committee Members    
  Mark Williams Marge Nuelieb Robert Holmes Jim Selleck
  Linda Holmes Wes Holmes Marlene Hanson Matt Pearson

Dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Baker and Helen Holmes, founding committee members and a driving force in the development of the BV County Barn Quilt Program.